Cooling Towers Applications

Cooling Towers Applications

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COOLING TOWERS are constantly contaminated with particles coming from air or from processes that use cooling water. This dirt (sand, dust, algaes or other particles) inside the water can cause damages into heat exchangers or other systems, and can clog the spray nozzles of the cooling tower. Removing this dirt is highly expensive, and it is recommended to do it from the water reservoir before water is pumped to cooling systems. Water filtration is useful because maintains the cooling efficiency level for a longer period, reduces chemical additives costs and preserves the processes from unscheduled maintenance. In other words, water filtration lengthens the service life of the whole cooling system (cooling tower, heat exchangers,etc).

The cooling towers of one of the largest steel producers in the Middle East, which produces over 2 million tons of steel had a large problem of fouling of the recirculating water due to the dust in the air and for the growth of algae in the cooling basin.


The solution has been a side stream filtration as a part of the entire flow 12,000 m³ /h recirculated in the towers. Given the large amount of fouling it was decided to operate with a filtration with 600 mc/h of flow dual-stage:

  1. 1st stage with the use of filters separators, hydro-cyclones mod. AHC L6
  2. 2nd stage with a 50 micron filtration security with the use of Nr.3 self-cleaning filters AVC 55 Y6


With a flow rate 800m3/h, ensured a content of SST less than 5mg/l (starting from a content of the SST of about 50 mg/l).

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